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Why are the Salvatorians involved in this?

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Why are the Sisters of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) responding to this issue?

We, like our founders, are attentive to the needs of the world and we hear the cry of women against violence, discrimination, and oppression. We reclaim the design proclaimed in Genesis: man and women created in partnership, both equal in realizing the plan of God.

As an international community, the Sisters of the Divine Savior unite with more than a million other religious Sisters from all over the world and publicly declare our determination to address, insistently and at every level, the abuse and exploitation of women and children, with particular attention to the trafficking of women and children that has become a lucrative multi-national business.

We, worldwide, have established this as one of our top mission priorities. In the years ahead, each unit of the Sisters of the Divine Savior, around the entire world, will respond boldly to this priority.

In the US Province, we will involve our members in addressing the issue of trafficking of women and children by engaging in a process that will raise awareness, engage members in critical analysis, and result in concrete personal and communal responses.

Moreover, we will unite with others in our Salvatorian Family. In collaboration with members of the Lay Salvatorians and the Society of the Divine Savior, we will work to respond to a call for justice rooted in both the Gospel and in Catholic Social Teaching.


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